Vegan or Vegetarian 素食主义者?

原标题:Vegan or Vegetarian 素食主义者?

Vegan or Vegetarian

Vegan or Vegetarian 素食主义者?

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Vegan Or Vegetarian?

vegan /'viɡən/ 严格的素食主义者

A veganis someone who never eats meat or any animal products such as milk, butter, or cheese.

vegetarian /ˌvɛdʒəˈtɛrɪən/ 素食者

A vegetarianis someone who never eats meat or fish.

pescatarian 鱼素食者

A pescatarianis someone whose diet includes fish but no other meat.


ovo-vegetarian 蛋素食者 蛋素食者

Vegan or Vegetarian 素食主义者?


A: Hey Julie, you want to go grab something to eat?


B: Sure! What do you feel like having?


A: I really feel like having a big juicy steak!


B: Oh. OK. I don't eat meat, but that's fine, I am sure wherever we are going they will have other options right?


Vegan or Vegetarian 素食主义者?

A: I didn't know you were a vegetarian!


B: I'm not, I am a vegan.


A: A what?


B: A vegan. I don’t eat or use any animals based products. I don’t wear leather, eat eggs, drink milk or anything that comes from an animal. I used to be a pescatarian before, which basically means you don’t eat meat, but still have fish and seafood.


Vegan or Vegetarian 素食主义者?

A: Wow! That's interesting! It must be tough!


B: It's a bit difficult to find vegetarian friendly restaurants sometimes, but since more and more people are vegetarians of vegans nowadays, it’s getting a bit less difficult.


Vegan or Vegetarian 素食主义者?

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